Doofenshmirtz Evil class of evil!

Today class we shall go over what evil truly is.  You see, Evil is a lot like stealing candy from a baby, because let's face it, you deserve that candy more than a baby does.  I mean, what does a baby do?  It cries, it poops, it whines for attention but did it really do anything to earn that candy?  No!  While you, you've been alive through thick and thin how many years longer than any silly baby?  You may have faced uncounted horrors like being crushed by giant moth balls or being made into a pet monkey, while this baby, totally unaware of your pain is given candy just because!?  Evil is all about saying things like enough is enough babies!  I deserve this candy of yours way more than you do!

You know class, I think this can only be truly expressed with a song.

~For some reason life has always treated me badly,
I always thought that I had been a nice guy,
But I never got any candy, because they say I'm demandy,
And now I'll give babies a reason to cry!

You can see them in the park with a lolipop as big as their heads!
Why do they have candy and I don't?  It make me so mad I'm seeing red!
So babies can't you see, your checkout time is due!
Because I'll be stealing the candy from every one of you!

Yeah baby, baby, baby!  I'll be stealing candy from all of yooooooooou~

This is why I have created a device so ingenious that only I could have come up with such a completely brilliant plan to use it in!  BEHOLD!  THE CANDY SNATCHERINATOR!

inator Pictures, Images and Photos

... well actually that's just my inator, but when I finally got through with making my candy snatcherinator I found out my camera didn't have any film.  So I tried drawing it but that didn't seem to come out right, so then I tried painting, and then photoshopping a picture of Master Hand onto my inator, but really the main idea of it is, it's an inator with a hand with tape on it that zooms around and snatches candy from babies.  This way they cannot escape, the wrath of my tape!  Pretty good huh?

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Ariel was in one of the empty music rooms going through her warm ups. It had been a while since she'd sung properly, and with auditions coming up for the Summer Spectacular Showcase, she knew she'd have to be at the top of her game if she wanted to get in.

After going through the simple warm ups, she moved on to singing Scales and Arpeggios, perched at a desk, one foot bouncing in time, working her hair into a braid while she did so. She liked having something to do with her hands while she sang.

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The cooking class had moved on from cookies and snacks to cupcakes and entrees. Which was why Stitch was at one of the picnic tables on the quad with a veritable platter of cupcakes. he never did just one batch of anything, he usually did three or four.

Unlike the cookies, he was not throwing the cupcakes at random passers by, just handing them out. He'd even put up fliers, they said 'Free', because he'd gotten that far before he realized that he didn't know how to spell 'cupcakes' and had drawn a picture of a cupcake instead. These were posted on trees and poles and benches within a hundred yards of his picnic table. Of course, they were posted at Stitch-height, which was maybe knee-high for anyone else.

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Isabella wasn't usually one to freak out over grades or classes. She left that up to Baljeet during elementary and high school. She sat in the library, raking her fingers through her hair. This essay needed to just write itself. She never thought midterms would be this stressful.

One leg crossed over the other, she bobbed her foot up and down. Maybe she needed a break... This was taking a toll on her, she didn't even dress up like she normally did. She wore pink, tight sweatpants and a white t-shirt, her hair tucked up in a jaw clip. She slumped over, her forehead hitting her notebook, as she was ready to admit defeat for the day.

Dooby dooby doo wah

Flying in behind the buildings, dropping from a parachute from his latest adventure foiling Doofenshmirtz, Perry fell to the ground, quickly hid the parachute and then hid away the hat, god only knows where under his fur. It'd been a long time since he'd gotten to hear Phineas' typical response for when Perry get back from these missions, usually with impeccable timing and he was actually looking forward to it a good deal. That and finding the rest of the ninja class so he could freak them out a little with his disappearing tricks. He'd missed April's Fools Day, but only in date, not in spirit. Bother at will! He's looking to test his skills.
Thinking, Bashful

Study times...not so fun

Victoria was sitting in the quad with her books on the table, all spread out with a few highlighters and pens about. While the day was wonderful, with blue skies with a few white puffy clouds, she had to study. Her first test of the semester was coming! She wanted to do well even though she was having a hard time with the subject. French...why did she choose French again?

"Next time I'm taking Latin..." she murmured under her breath as she tried to conjugate a few verbs...the verbs were winning.

Feel free to bother or help her! Victoria will be at the quad for some time.

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Franny was not one for paying attention when she walked across campus. Today, like most days, she plugged in the earbuds of her ipod and turned up the volume as she headed off to her destination. She knew where she was going and instinctively walked in the right direction, without much thought in her movement. Instead she stepped in time with the beat pulsing against her eardrums and swayed her hips in time. It was really more of some strange dance than walking. She didn't mind stares from the people she passed. She barely noticed them to be honest. She'd be thought as weird or crazy for years now, but she'd never really minded. The people who counted knew what she was really like, and knew she was right.

So feel free to gawk and stare, or even stop her fro a chat. She's on her was to the cafeteria for some dinner.

Hit the ground running.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and all of Robin's classes were over for the day. Rather than waste the perfect weather indoors studying -- studying could be done any time -- he changed into a set of track clothes and headed out into the sunshine.

He took off at a slow, leisurely jog around the campus. He kept to the grass just along the sidewalks in order to leave the paved paths for the slower moving pedestrians. The whole experience was new and a little unsettling, but he prided himself on his ability to adapt. Sooner rather than later, he would find his groove and college would be a breeze.

Sure of himself? Maybe a little, but he had no evidence to the contrary, yet, so why start worrying now?

As he jogged, he smiled and greeted anyone whose path he crossed. It was time to get to know his schoolmates.