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An RPG of Magical proportions!

Welcome to Disney University, new student! Here is your school charter.

  • All students must fill out their roster biographies and turn them in to Dean before you are allowed to go to any class.

  • You will obey all campus rules, regardless of if you are good or evil.

  • You will be submitted to occasional attendance checks, so please, come to school as often as possible!

  • All students must be of appropriate age to attend this university.

  • Mingling is half the experience of university life! Don't clump together, try to make as many friends as possible!

  • Have a hot dog day!

Apps are: OPEN!
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Game rules:
Characters from any Disney proper production, Live Action, Animated, show or movie, oldschool or new are allowed. No Pixar, Touchstone, Squenix, or otherwise Disney-owned-but-not-branded character is allowed. This rule may change in the future, but for now, keep your Wall-Es, Axels and Silent Bobs from being lured in.

This game is going to have adult situations (Hi, we're in college!) so we respectfully ask that you be 18 or up when applying.

There is a character limit of 3. Choose wisely, young grasshopper.

All characters are in university, making them between the ages of 18-23. Characters who are under 18 in their canon can be aged up, older characters can be made younger. As this shows a level of Alternate Universe malarkey, the Dean respectfully requests that you keep the characters appropriate to their usual character, playing them as they would be at said age. Example, Yzma would be Yzma, only young. Lilo would be Lilo, only older. This, of course, does not include teachers, who are, of course, whatever age they are in canon, provided they're old enough to teach.

Following that, all characters will know English as their first language. Yes, even Mulan and Belle. If they are canonically bilingual (or it's reasonable to assume they are,) their first language is English, and their second language is X language.

All characters will presumably have grown up in the same time, which is modern day society. Your characters can retain all the knowledge of their canon, but just for fun, and for just the slightest variation of crack, we'll allow that to be handwaved or played with at the player's discretion.

Animal characters ARE allowed! Bring on your Baloo, your Scrooge McDuck, your Robin Hood! All are welcome! Yes, even aliens are allowed, Jumba! PBs are actually not preferred in this group. If you need any help in finding icons, let the Dean know! More animalistic characters (Flik, Timon, Perry the Platypus, etc) are also allowed - and if your human-y character has an animal sidekick, Dean's discretion will be used to decide whether or not they can show up with the character. (Say, if Ursula were to show up, it would be up to the Dean if she could bring along Flotsam & Jetsam.)

Pirates are allowed to come and join in the fun, but they (and ALL characters, in fact), will find that their weapons are quite useless on campus (Due to Von Drake's new working Fun Field), and they must take their quarrels elsewhere, such as off campus grounds (and into personal journals.) If your characters feel inclined to involve in hanky panky, they too, will be sent to their dorms (again, personal journals). Both instances can be linked into the main community, with spoilers and warnings.

Heads of Staff are (as of right now, NPC'd) Disney Originals, ie; Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, etc. Professors will be listed below.

Activity checks will be once a month or so.

Usual RP rules apply. Don't be a mean person to other players, contact your Mod if anything goes wrong, keep in contact with your cast mates, no godmoding, no power playing, etc. etc.

The Student Roster Biography AKA your application.
Applications for first-time appliers must be labeled with your name, email address (so we can get a hold of you!) and screen name for instant messaging. All applications must be over 300 words (None of it should be plagiarized! It's all new material!) and under a 1000 words in the biography section. DO NOT TRY TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY PRIOR TO SENDING IN AN APPLICATION! If you are accepted, you will be asked to join.

Please fill this out, and send it to BOTH mods emails, >>> curiouslyhigh (at) gmail (dot) com and sarahbellum@gmail.com <<<
Student application
Journal name:
PB (if any):
Biography (Third person):

Within 24 hours, you will get a verdict from both moderators, and if you are approved, you can join the communities at your earliest convenience!

Your Heads of Departments
Mickey Mouse - Student/Faculty relations
Donald Duck - Mathematics
Goofy - Philosophy & Comedy
Professor Ludwig Von Drake - Science
Pete - Athletics
Minnie Mouse - Woman's studies
Daisy Duck - Cheer Leading
Clarabelle Cow - Music

Merlin - Practical applications of Magic, Magic & Science - They CAN coexist
Goofy - Philosophy & Comedy

Disney University Dean - The Dean. Also known colloquially as Uncle Walt, though it isn't Walt Disney, just a nickname the students gave to the oft-noticed, but never seen Head of the school. A mysterious figure whose power is to accept and deny students, to expel, suspend, or give honors to every student on campus. All things come to The Dean and are agreed upon or dismissed by it. Some say that they've seen The Dean, sometimes looking into classes for an instant before disappearing, though there are no current corroborating accounts on The Dean's appearance or even of its very nature. Alumni have spent innumerable years, discussing in hushed whispers about the one at the head of the school.

Note: Anyone who wishes to apply as one of the heads of department, please contact the Dean immediately, with a well thought out reason why you could make a great department head, as well as the above application. Anyone who wishes to play a regular professor can do the same, because you know there's got to be an professor for General Evil in this game.

Holy cow, we're affiliated!
Musebox/Dressing Room at a bar!

A university for real persons affiliated with Disney!

Another university of Disney delightfulness!